"Lieber Mal" is the first part of the trilogy "SCHORLE" from the art pop band Blauson. http://www.blauson.de The 2D Version of the video clip is available on YouTube bit.ly/liebermal
A film by OscarHR: http://www.oscarhr.es Filmed in Dresden, Germany: Filmgalerie Phase IV, Filmgalerie Dresden e.V.,Video World, Par la Fleur.

Blauson: Luca Burkhalter, Noah Punkt and Christian Manss (Zürich & Dresden) 
Bandcamp: http://blauson.bandcamp.com/track/lieber-mal
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/0ZDXDnGmEOTAPwe6RqYb6M
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/at/album/lieber-mal/1373831658?i=1373831670
Deezer: https://www.deezer.com/de/album/61491752 

Music written & arranged by Christian Manss, Luca Burkhalter & Noah Punkt. Produced by Luca Burkhalter. Mixing: Dominique Dreier. Mastering: Emanuel Uch. Cover Artwork by Nadine Wölk

This Video was entirely filmed in Dresden with a Samsung Gear360 camera.
Oscar HR11 mons ago
@Merritt Crist definitely also my favourite part. Credits to the band, I just made the video. check them at blauson.de
Oscar HR11 mons ago
Thanks for all your comments guys! it means a lot. It is really cool to see how immersive is this technology. I could really show the cool atmosphere of this video stores in the video.
Merritt Crist11 mons ago
Everyone has a lot of thoughts about the beginning of the video, but I want to say that I really like the part of the song's drums.
Don Ferry11 mons ago
Do you know what's most touching me here? It is everyone who patiently expresses his inner thoughts.
If I encounter such a shop on a rainy night, I will not hesitate to enter this warm place.
Armand Terry IV11 mons ago
It is peaceful and full of art there. I really like the atmosphere. As long as I am there, I will be calm.
this store is awesome,huge fan of records
Cheyenne Veum11 mons ago
Video will always add more specific emotions or stories to music. Your video is great. Thank you for sharing.
This bookstore is full of artistic atmosphere, I want to visit here personally, this video matches this music perfectly!
Xavier Wilkinson11 mons ago
I like the atmosphere of this bookstore. I would like to spend all my time here in books. It's wonderful to watch a book and drink coffee.