The content of this video is about the history and evolution of pesticides. and tells how it all began.
It is recorded in the Old Testament that grasshopper clouds devastated plantations on the banks of the Nile River back in ancient Egypt, this was one of the earliest evidence of plagues we can present.
 A second important moment also begins in World War II - the time when DDT came to contain the malaria-transmitting mosquito. Herbicides being used to knock down the leaves of the trees to find hidden soldiers. And from there began the green revolution where the use of agrochemicals began on a large scale.
Since then a lot has changed ... some to the positive side and some to the negative side.
The rampant use of chemicals has brought a host of sequels to our society as a whole, and if we do not act quickly, future generations will suffer even greater damage.
The good news is that we have tools that will contribute to the entire Agro chain, be it producer, applicator, or who consumes. The equilibrium began to emerge, since the chemical is no longer the only option for production. We have the opportunity to show the biological control and its characteristics.
There is an evolution from biological to biopotente, a new reality that we and the market are building. We are the agents that are transforming the way of doing agriculture. The biological control of Farroupilha Lallemand brings a new experience to growers of any culture. An experience that will prove that this tool has changed and has technology, cutting-edge raw material and a very high quality control.
It's a new era for this segment. And to represent that level of experience that the producer will have in the field, Farroupilha Lab Lallemand created a 360 ° video where you are an agent, a character who can interact with the whole story that we are telling you, you will do an immersion and you will see all the angles and the reality that we are implementing worldwide.
We want to expand the dimensions of this experience using technology as the intermediary instrument of this process. Now get ready to see this 360 ° virtual reality story.
The opening screen looks like sofa pads...