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VR/360 workshop film at NUFF 2017
When Mark gets a new computer, his dating life takes an unexpected turn. But can he overcome his nervousity? Or is he doomed to be lonely forever?
Director: Adrian Kirk Ejsing (DK)
Screenplay: Adrian Kirk Ejsing (DK)
Producer: Ismet Bachtiar (NO/Singapur)
Cast: David Wallstén (Sweden), Charlotte Kristiansen (Norway)
DoP: Innunguaq Johansen (Greenland)
Sound recoder: Morten M. Willumsen (Greenland)
Art director: Rolf Jacob Thommessen (Norway)
Post production & VFX: David Sandland Bråthen (Norway), Suran Basharati (Norway), Morten M. Willumsen (Greenland), Innunguaq Johansen (Greenland), Rolf Jacob Thommessen (Norway), Adrian Ruiz del Cerro (Spain), Cristian Dominguez (Spain)
Music & sound design: Kristian Bruun Lorentzen (Norway), Imre Matthias Isaksen (Norway), Svetlana Matveeva (Russia)
VR supervisers: Adrian Ruiz del Cerro (Spain), Cristian Dominguez (Spain)
Production assistant: Hellena Wildenborg (Denmark)
Directors Assistant: David Wallstén (Sweden)

The VR/360 project at NUFF 2017 was supported by 
Nordic Culture Fund
Barents Secretary
Nordic Institut in Greenland
Euna O'Keefe1 yr ago
Hahahaha 【akward silence detected] is so funny. This girl actually can feel.
Amazing vid ! It's like a VR version X Machina. And both actors are charming and pretty.
Anais Torp1 yr ago
He who ask a girl with these demanding maths questions when first met can only be lonely.....