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So many places where you can see Paris high up, but one of the best free views in Paris is definitely the roof top of Galeries Lafayette.
My first take I couldn't use as I explained in this video ;-)
See you tomorrow!

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Jarvis Nienow2 mons ago
It is a windy day. The scenery and the architecture there are really beautiful.
Tatum Pollich2 mons ago
Though it was your first attempt, it was really great. I can clearly see the buildings on the street, one day I want to visit here myself.
Hosea Lueilwitz2 mons ago
Wow! What a high place! How dare you stand so high and shoot video?😂
Emily Jimenez2 mons ago
Galeries Lafayette! Putting it down for my next trip to Paris
Don Ferry2 mons ago
Oh, my god, it's amazing to see Paris here, it's just too much for me to breathe. Thank you very much for sharing.