Watch our review of the best street food in Berlin in this episode of our 360° video travel guide, and get some real insider travel tips.

~ What we will visit ~

- Konnopke 
- Mustafa's Gemüse Kebab
- Street food Thursday (Markthalle 9)
- Thai Park

~ Audio We Used ~

- Good Vibes - Dj quads
- Show Me - Dj quads
- AKA - Dj quads

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Lookaround2 yrs ago
@Shivam Shah You mean "Mustafa's Gemüse Kebab"? According to our sources it is the best Kebab you can get in Berlin, so the place is quite popular. It is essentially a normal Kebab, but with added fried veggies, which makes it super delicious.
Shivam Shah2 yrs ago
What is the second snack you tried? Lots of people were queueing.
Shayne Smoyer2 yrs ago
Really nice travel guiding video! I'll go there when travel to Berlin.