Let our local insider Zoey introduce you to Berlin's hip cafe landscape. She will show you the hidden gems and let you look around in each locale she visits. 

~ What Zoey will visit ~

- Bonanza Coffee Heroes
- The Barn
- Kaschk
- Voo Store

~ Links to the locations ~

- Bonanza Coffee Heroes http://www.bonanzacoffee.de/
- The Barn https://thebarn.de/
- Kaschk http://kaschk.de/
- Voo Store https://www.vooberlin.com/

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~ Download the Lookaround App ~

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~ Production/Post Production Equipment ~

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Post Production Software: 
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- Adobe After Effects
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~ About Lookaround ~

Lookaround is a mobile travel app that employs 360° video content to inspire travellers to explore & experience their travel destination in a unique way.
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