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The Carnival of Cultures is a multicultural festival in Berlin, which has been celebrated every year since 1996 around the Whitsun weekend in the district of Kreuzberg. During the parades, the music and theater events, the carnival idea serves as a colorful and life-affirming demonstration of cultural diversity. With around one million visitors, the Berlin Carnival of Cultures is one of the largest street parades in Germany.


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Merritt Crist8 mons ago
Such a meaningful parade is really rare, and I don't know how to say it well, only to say I'll be more excited than I am if I see the parade with my own eyes.
Reese Erdman8 mons ago
It is really a meaningful festival, promoting cultural diversity and celebrating life. I love the party.
Armand Terry IV8 mons ago
Wow, many people are happy to dance. I'd love to join the party.
Cheyenne Veum8 mons ago
I love the leopard costume in the parade. It really only takes a second to get my attention.
It's a national carnival! Next semester I will study in Germany as an exchange student, hoping to experience this cultural feast personally!
Lewis Hyatt8 mons ago
I like this kind of cultural themed festival which has a different meaning.
Thaddeus Schoen8 mons ago
So many people! There is no such Carnival in my country. I think Carnival makes people happier and more relaxed.
About one million people, this is really a grand festival, I also want to wear beautiful clothes to participate in the parade.