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This is a virtual reality capture in 5.7k resolution, of Benjamin Britten's "A Ceremony of Carols" performed by The Girl Choristers of Washington National Cathedral Choir, led by Michael McCarthy.  The performance was hosted by the 21st Century Consort in Washington, D.C. at St. Mark's Episcopal Church on December 16, 2017, in tandem with presenting Jon Deak's opera "The Passion of Scrooge" that is becoming a concert film at http://scroogeopera.com

Filmed and edited by H. Paul Moon | Zen Violence Films | http://zenviolence.com
Audio engineered by Mark Huffman
Magnolia Kuhic7 mons ago
WOW! This is my first time to see such a grand performance in the church. I like it very much, thank you for sharing!
Unique Rempel7 mons ago
The divine performance, my own heart became serious.
impressive work, love choir,they made the best music
Angela Kohler7 mons ago
The harp, this is really a magic instrument, huge but elegant.