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How to become an Egg Leader is a vortex created by Music(for)Eggplant with Baptiste Gratzmuller in London, after the “How to become a Cult Leader” show at Total Refreshment Center.

Acting : Jaz Ayling, Emile Barret, Baptiste Gratzmuller, Tristan Savoy. 
Music + : Paul Barret, Robert Ricca.
With the help of Valentine Étiévant.  
Special Black Hole : Florian Luthy.

The film was originally made for VisualDome projection, and a shorter version was presented by swissnex Boston in partnership with Le D.I.X., creative space, during the Boston Hub Week 2017; & the Ville de Genève and MySquare and Geneva International Film Festival during the Giff festival 2017.
Shaun Jerde DDS10 mons ago
The whole video Angle is a little bit fanciful.
Maya Medhurst10 mons ago
I like your special makeup, which can instantly grab our attention.