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Follow me on an awesome little hike to the top of Little Adams  Peak in Ella, Sri Lanka. Meet Michael the Monkey on the way and enjoy the amazing green view over the little hilly town in the mid country of lovely Sri Lanka. I hope you enjoy this. Thanks for watching. Alex

Music by Joakim Karud:
Alex Rink10 mons ago
@Joy Tang Haha, definitely true. Thanks for watching and commenting Joy & Gazaly... ;-)
Joy Tang11 mons ago
@Gazaly Samsadeen haha Gazaly you should hold a Sri Lanka trip tips lectures for us :)
Gazaly Samsadeen11 mons ago
#IWasHere #Ella #Srilanka Note: If you would like to walk you can climb and walk on the roads. otherwise, try to get a motorbike for just 150 USD for a day. that is a good option. and also don't forget to bring anti mosquito oil when you go there.. local name for that is "Maduru Talaa" Oil or Spray.
Gazaly Samsadeen11 mons ago
#IWasHere #Srilanka #Ella months before I visited this place for the 1st time. an amazing place and Must visit tourist destination in Sri Lanka. hills are surrounded by place, cool climate and there is few Iconic places like: Nine arch bridge, turban type rail track, mini Adams Peak etc. There is lots of place to stay for cheap price as well as high price with luxurious facilities.I was there for 4 ngts. hd lots of fun. its like a mini Europe everywhere only u can see tourist than locals.
Alex Rink1 yr ago
@Alisha !! That's nice to hear. I guess the scenery gave me some extra dopamin that day. ;-)
Alisha !!1 yr ago
Your laughter is so infectious, I can feel your joy.