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Beauty And The Beast Inspired Collection - 配合服装设计师 Beatrice Looi 以一系列突破性 Fashion Photography 服装摄影 + VFX (Visual Effect )视觉效果 + Photo Motion 虚拟 3D 动态摄影 + VR (Visual Reality) 虚拟现实,值得你的期待.

Photography: Patrick Yap
Photography Team: LoongTCL & Eugene Yong
Multimedia: Kino Lim & Issac Chong
Digital Imaging: John Lim
Styling & Coordination: @beatricelooicouture 
Art Direction: Beatrice Looi & Patrick Yap
Assisting team : Gsl Suetlin Jeanette Tan Laurabelle Ng Fang Yi Low Celine Lee Lim Suyi Denise Dorothy Wong Chinchee Chong Jerrard, Sidra & Celine Low
Makeup: Barrett Hirai & @thezafzak / Jessie Yap M.A.C Cosmetics 
Hair: Yen Lim & Jane Choo / Wenawave Hair product : Kiki Goh Matrix Malaysia / L'oreal Professional Malaysia
Models: Prado Rafael /GME Malaysia 
Sonia Golubkova / Icon Model Management 
Flower Decor: Helena Chin / Blooms enriched by Kechara


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