Little Moth, written in tribute of Elliott Smith, is the opening track off Beatie Wolfe's new album Raw Space. Click here to learn more about Raw Space: https://youtu.be/pw8BfS_X8jE

This is the first VR single from Beatie Wolfe's Raw Space, released as the world's first live 360° AR stream in collaboration with Nokia Bell Labs and Design I/O. The album physically streamed out of the world's quietest room (the Bell Labs anechoic chamber) in Live 360° for a week, with the artwork coming to life around you. Wolfe teamed up with Design I/O, a graphic design firm to produce the complimentary stereoscopic visuals for each song, which transported the listener into the world of that track. With every spin of the record the AR visuals would evolve, responding to the music in real-time, so that each user would see different effects upon logging in. “My intention was to reinterpret the vinyl for today, and make it feel like it was coming to life around you,” says Wolfe.  

Little Moth's intimate double vocals, distant mellotron and all round low-fi sound is in the spirit of Elliott Smith's style and production. 


"For 'Raw Space', I wanted to create the antithesis of our current streaming experience and really celebrate the world of the album - it's artwork, arc, narrative, music - in a fully immersive and multi sensory way, which has the effect of placing the listener at the centre of this dynamic world", explains Wolfe. "Launching this out of one of the world's quietest rooms, the Bell Labs anechoic chamber, has the effect of immediately instilling a sense of ceremony into this experience, both quieting the 'noise' around and allowing the listener to hear the true sound of sound."

I’ve waited so long to find you
I'm holding this flame beside me
And they'll never see you like I do
But darling I see you clearly 

in your basement hotel
where you soared
where you fell
and the harsh light of truth
left you blinded in the sun
but you wrote what you felt
the rare joy, the fine hell
you couldn’t lie, you left it bare
and tattooed your despair
and tattooed your despair

They waited so long, to put you in a box
But nothing can break your spirit
They tried to change you, until you made them stop
And now you’re so high above it 

Cos if beauty’s skin deep
you had to see what’s beneath
so you scratched in your sleep
seeing voices in your dreams
and they told you its hard
when you’re flung in this world
tender hands turn to fists
til you’re beautifully scarred
you're beautifully scarred

My little moth
you’re too precious for this world
but I’ll keep my wings around you
I hope you hear me, hear my thank you
heaven is blessed to have you 

For in the shadows you grew
it was clear no one knew
just how sharp every breath
felt to draw and rattled through
but the light that you shone
it will always burn on  
you served the world my little moth
at the sake of yourself
at the sake of yourself
(C) & (P) Beatie Wolfe 2016

This is Little Moth from Raw Space, the latest “world’s-first” music experience by British singer-songwriter and digital art-innovator Beatie Wolfe, in collaboration with interactive creative firm Design I/O and the world-renowned Nokia Bell Labs.

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Songwriter, Vocals, Lead Guitar, Piano, Mixed By, Co-producer - Beatie Wolfe
Co-producer, Electric Piano, Engineer, Mixed By - Tom Loffman
Musical Advisor - Rachel Black
Mastered By - Ed Woods
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