A short experimental film created in 360-degree setting, Beach Road is a portrayal of a parking lot attendant who dreams of becoming a writer. The film stars Alps Bethneck from the USA, and features the original music by Singaporean musicians Bani Haykal and Chen Yi Qi. Visually dynamic and with a remarkable, calming soundtrack, Beach Road is an intimate experience revealing both a geographical area and the inner workings of a poet’s mind. Co-produced by Hiverlab and Stephen Black, Beach Road was a spontaneous production, and the script was not written until after the film was shot. Beach Road was selected as a demo VR film in Hybrid Arcade session of the Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival in November 2015, and as nominated as the Best Experimental VR Film in the VR Fest Las Vegas 2016.

Artist/producer Stephen Black has written eight books, including i ate tiong bahru, a bestseller.His latest, Alphabet Spikes, is about VR, AR, Southeast Asia and Bubiko Foodtour. http://www.blacksteps.tv/book-merah-giveaways-discounts-hong-kong-book-fair/
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