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this Education Camp erranged by Batu Local Guide. We educate the student how to save the world by trowed the gerbage in its place and we educate about river Brantas as the preperation for tomorrow effent to clean the river.
Local Guides Honor and Pray!
Blanca Walker3 mons ago
It reminds me of the classic scene in a movie where many people sing around a campfire.
Elvie McClure3 mons ago
This big bonfire, cool, I want to join your joy.
Bryce Rohan II3 mons ago
I also want to try this! And rock around the Bonfire !
campfire, the most amazing thing in the world, you guys should dance
They could transmit to us, those who watch the video, the joy, what it feels to be a Local Guides, how we work, what other things we can do as Local Guides and our commitment to the community. They are admirable for the commitment, with this Project. I send you all my regards, respects and a THANK YOU! . I always say that being a Local Guides is an Honor and a Pride. Congratulations!