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I'm so curious about effects in 360 video. I'm also so curious about how weird life is. 

I wrote this autobiographical poem awhile ago, and decided to read it while experimenting with some effects. I tried to read it better but there was something funky going on in the mirror. Or was that me?

What type of effects do you like best in 360? What would you like to see?
Nola 360Media2 mons ago
I’m new to veer and have a lot of questions on how to edit and problems I’m having uploading pic I have a insta360 one can someone send me a message to help me out please
Tiara Labadie8 mons ago
Strange mirrors, strange conversations, but I like it.
Angela Kohler8 mons ago
@Johnathan Batz It is a good way. We all see u and hear u.
Johnathan Batz8 mons ago
Ha ha ha, this is a very strange way to express oneself.
Buford Weimann8 mons ago
To be honest, I often talk to myself in the mirror. Ha ha ha ha ha.