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360° test video:

This has been in the making for a year. Ever since Simon's Cat released their first 360° video, I've been hooked - I needed more 2D animations in this kind of VR format! In order to encourage people to make more, I made the template I made for this video available for free. This video kind of serves as a proof of concept. You can do it too!

If you're looking for high quality 2D animated 360° videos, I'm trying to keep track of them in this Playlist:
I personally recommend:
Simon's Cat -
Simon's Cat Halloween -
A Day in the Park with Kluk & Worms -
Crossing Kluk -

Sounds used:
"Faucet Drip" by tack00, CC-BY
"Beer Head Fizzing in Glass 170428_1471" by megashroom, CC-0
"Toilet" by bormane, CC-0
"Bubble Popping Noise - 30 sec" by joshenanigans, CC-BY
The Leah Show!
The Leah Show!2 mons ago
So cute !!!! Enough to make a break out game.