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VR animation Barbie captured during a spiritual affiliation into the spheres of Connacht. Featuring scenes and characters of the land on the edge of Europe.
RAG TREE - Bangor, on the Erris Peninsula
ON TOP OF THE WORLD - Screebe House, Galway
Islands of Galway Bay and The Lighthouse - Lettermullan the town spread over several mini islands of the most remote North-West county Galway, where Galway Bay is becoming Atlantic Ocean and the next stop is New York with an old lighthouse remembering Napoleon's emporium, creating strategic defence point of the province Connacht on the entry to Galway Bay  
Darius Ivan11 mons ago
@Meagan Shanahan I exactly Meagan
Darius Ivan11 mons ago
@Liana Bernhard I will do my best Liana, thanks for feedback
Hey, your barbie doll is twisted .... is the plastic surgery gone wrong now .....
Justice Stamm11 mons ago
The movie looks in low quality...and with weird music. Emmm...
Liana Bernhard11 mons ago
The background music is scary... do you have to do this..?