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We took a 360 camera to a park to record some ninja training in 360! Don't forget to look around! You may have to back it up and watch what someone else was doing if we were in different areas! Let us know what you think!

If you are curious, this is a Samsung Gear 360 2017 camera and this is the first video we ever recorded with it!

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We are here to encourage and inspire kids of all ages to challenge themselves to do something they couldn't do the day before! Whether it's in your backyard, at a park, or a Ninja Gym. Use what you have access to and get after it! We create ninja courses, build obstacles, create workout videos & interview Ninjas and fitness experts to learn and grow! Subscribe to our channel to be a part of this movement to encourage and challenge each other to be better!

** Equipment Used **
-- Rings:
-- Odvrm Action Camera:
-- 32GB Micro-SD Card for Camera:
-- Rope Ladder:
-- Grip trainers:
-- Pullup Bar:
-- Rock Rings 3D:
-- Dome Playground:
-- Swing Spinner:
Blake Barrows
Blake Barrows1 mon ago
nice backyard ,mine is full of dog shit GOSH,,,,
BYNinjaKids1 mon ago
@Laurel Tremblay Ninja Warrior 😉👍
Laurel Tremblay
that's not what ninja like !!you konw Bruce Lee ?
Keira Wuckert
Keira Wuckert1 mon ago
i can bouse so high that broke my leg .😂