There is only a few hikes that I plan on doing more than once as there are so many epic trails to explore, and Gem Lake is one of them.

I live only 20 minutes to the trailhead and after you reach the crest to Snow Lake you become rapt with the most beautiful wilderness.  Most of the day hikers stop at Snow Lakes first shoreline but for a few that you will meet the rest of the way to Gem.  The whole way you get the most amazing views of the surrounding peaks, Chair, Kaleetan, and once you start up to Gem with the excellent design of the trail the gifts keep on coming.  The trail keeps bouncing you from one side of a ridge to the other and soon you get to see Mt. Price and Big Snow.  Then once at Gem you get them all resulting in a beautiful sunset cast upon Snoqualmie, Chikamin, Alta, Thompson, Huckleberry and Lemah mountains.  The lake is incredible in itself and becomes a mystical area that begs to be explored.  The lake is the highest around and is hugged in a little bowl all to its own.

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