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Full 6K 360 video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/bZrb_-QtzhY

Want to achieve a more cinematic look for your 360VR production? This 360-degree video will show you my test result of 2 Panasonic LUMIX GH5/GH5s back 2 back setup with 2 Entaniya HAL 250 super wide fisheye lens in low light and indoor shooting. And I will compare the footages with GoPro Fusion and Insta360 Pro - and explain the Pros and Cons of this setup compared to Fusion, Insta360Pro, and Z CAM S1Pro.

Get Neat Video here: NeatVideo: https://goo.gl/5hngKE
Download my Neat Video noise profile for GH5 here: https://goo.gl/RBQRf2
More info about Entaniya HAL250: http://products.entaniya.co.jp/en/

If you need GH5s noise profile, Cine-D or Cine-V to Vlog LUT conversion and my color grading profile for 360 Video shot on GH5/GH5s - comment below. If more people are interested and request it, I will consider making it free and public. Just give me more loves.
Agustina Kuhic9 mons ago
your apartment is so sweet!!love all the decorations and the lights
Ꭱοxγ Wu9 mons ago
I really like your Asian accent. Very confident!
Johnathan Batz9 mons ago
He must be a very image-conscious person, because I see a big mirror opposite the door.
Ulises Rivera9 mons ago
This is really an practical topic, I have a go pro too
I love the way you decorate your house.