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Found! The stunning mountain that inspired AVATAR’s 'floating peaks'!
With this 360 spherical video, experience the immersive environment of Avatar Hallelujah Mountain located in Zhangjiajie, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in China.

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haha been there.. tried climbing/walking up one.. got about 3/4 and gave up haha since when did they rename it ??? - sure they have big plastic statues in some of the resting areas of the big blue guys, but renamed it?? and did you see all the bloody rubbish the tourists and sherpas simply throw over the sides of the walking tracks/ and peaks? looks like a rubbish tip.. way to go China. :( all those tons of plastic bottles and food containers will take of years to remove by hand !
Levi Hindle1 yr ago
zhangjiajie is very very beautiful and the mountains and the little stream is FANTASTIC
soso star1 yr ago
exciting, and there are lots of interesting things in China waiting for you
donna easty1 yr ago
Awesome video ! You really know how to make good VR vid