This video comes to you from the Diana Currie Nichols Feline Leukemia Sanctuary and adoption Center in Austin Texas.  It's the first of its kind in the nation. Since 2011, we’ve been taking in FeLV+ cats from all over the continent. We are currently participating in humane research studies to learn more about feline leukemia virus.

Historically, cats with this virus are euthanized upon diagnosis; but we know that FeLV+ cats live normal, happy lives.  We are dedicated to the humane research and improvement of shelter knowledge on the virus. APA!'s FeLV+ cat adoption fees are waived and the APA! Medical Triage and Wellness Clinic will provide treatment for illnesses related to their FeLV+ status for their lifetime.

 If you want to adopt a cat, consider a FeLV cat.     You can go to the website  austinpetsalive.org and search all dogs and cats that are available.     
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