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In the first days of December northern lights visited Budapest for a while. Finnish and Hungarian artists celebrates the centenary of Finland's independence.

The light and sound installation of Aurora Borealis took place on the Buda side of the Erzsébet Bridge, bringing colorful lights to the Gellert Hill waterfall and painting the bridge in blue and white.

The installation was produced by the Finnish Institute in Budapest, FinnAgora. The professional partner of the project was Let_it_Be art agency

From the different points of the neighborhood, we had a different sight, and not only from the streets but from the side of the Gellért hill. From above we could also admire the lights, with the Pest view in the background.

The light sculpture and sound composition was visible between 3 and 6 December 2017. Take a look around with me virtually at this festive installation!

Video created  by: Gábor Szidor N.

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@Ike Homenick There are stairs, so it's quite easy. You can see them on the scenes, when I shoot down on the streets: stairs are going up both on the left and right side :)
@Dolores Medhurst The one, you see on the film is not real (or at least is not in Budapest), but of course, we have a lot of other hotels in the city :D
Makenna Kuhn1 yr ago
I think the more attractive thing is the light of that bridge, so shining.
How high can the light shine
Is Budapest Hotel really exist ?
Wow, the blue lights are so magical. It is like a huge big wall at the night.
Ike Homenick1 yr ago
How do you go up
Elouise Ryan1 yr ago
beautiful night scene
Brilliant light