This is my first test of a 360 video of the Mt. Dora Seafood Festival.  It seems to actually work.  SWIPE left or right with your finger or cursor to see the 360 view.   I was trying to do it live on Facebook, but haven't figured it out yet.  So here it is with some handling glitches, but a good 15 minute view.   

The camera used is an Insta360 Air with micro-USB connected to a Samsung 7 phone and a lavalier mic.  I also had to find and buy a $7 mini-usb extender to lift the phone about an inch from the phone to work with the phone case and allow space to plug in the mic.   The jiggling may be from the extender, so I have to figure a solution because I need to use the mic port for the lavalier mic which came out much better than the phone's mic. 

This festival was interesting - mostly commercial vendors, only Pisces Rising and Lakeside Inn were local restaurants.  Prices were very high - $15-20 or even up to $50 for a "seafood platter".    The live music was too loud for me.  However, walking around the marina to Simpson Park, there was a quieter area with many pirate (not fish) themed booths with things for kids to do.  This is really a traveling carnival without the games.  But, it was free, so go next year but get there early for parking (before 11am) or go to Mount Dora Christian School for the $5 parking tram.     
Owen Mayer1 yr ago
love love seafood 💅💅but i am allergic to shrimp, gonna cry