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A 360 vr experience showcasing the new Moreland Avenue Complete Streets Project. The Georgia Department of Transportation, along with City of Atlanta and Little Five Points Community Improvement District, has been working to transform a half-mile section of Moreland Avenue (U.S. 23/Ga. 42) from a traditional urban highway to a Complete Street. A Complete Street usually involves a road diet, to provide a safer corridor for all modes of transportation. What is unique about this corridor is that Moreland Avenue is a six-lane roadway passing through one of Atlanta’s more pedestrian active business districts, Little Five Points.
This project aims to create wider sidewalks, slower vehicle speeds, and Georgia’s first raised bicycle lanes. 
This Artist Life Vision experience was commissioned by Atlanta City Design Studio, Little Five Points Arts Alive, and the Georgia Department of Transportation. 
From urban planning to community design, XR/VR/AR and UX are changing learning as we know it!
We are very happy to have been chosen for this monumental place in time. The 1st urban development VR for our lovely city.

Soundscape: Stephanie Marlo
Design: Kris Pilcher
Oculus Rift: http://amzn.to/2vReiHd

IG: @ArtistLifeVision
Facebook: @ArtistLifeVision 
Linnie Herzog7 mons ago
its like iam playing a car game,the road is vivid😲
Kris Pilcher8 mons ago
This is our best work yet!
AbeL BC8 mons ago
Unconditionally support this project. Keep it up dear.
kathy manrique8 mons ago
Is the vr hunan shadow blinking on the street also a part of the project ? Lol
ホームズ。8 mons ago
Japan is already implementing similar project now. Hope it works well with you too.
The modern life deprived peaceful life from citizens step by step, and it's time to take it back ! Great work, bro.
@Karina Dudek They are the city reps for planning. We are but simple experience creators ☺
@Karina Dudek We only created the vr design. The group to ask would be #AtlCityStudio
Karina Dudek8 mons ago
Have you calculate the traffic capacity of this avenue ? What if the narrowing will cause traffic jams ?
@Michelle Barrera Thanks! We will 😀🚀