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Every Memorial Weekend, the Saturday before Memorial Day, come to Downtown Atlanta and watch as we bring Caribbean culture to one of the hottest cities in the South! Better yet JOIN them, become a masquerader in one of the costume bands and enjoy the thrill of soca and the freedom from everyday routine in person!
Walk around the Atl Carnival as Captain Gatsby, SmurfGod and Sledge as they show you all of the beauty and colors of Carnival.  
The first Caribbean Carnival in Atlanta was held in 1988 and became the official kick-off of the U.S. carnival season and brought thousands of visitors to metro Atlanta. The events surrounding Atlanta Carnival became a mainstay on the calendars of West Indians from all over the world.
Atlanta Caribbean Carnival Bandleaders Association (ACCBA). This group has brought thousands of patrons to venues throughout Metro Atlanta. ACCBA is dedicated to producing events that helps increase awareness of the various Caribbean art forms and to working within the community to promote diversity and art education.
@Bojus Šimkevičius Right! I didn't even know it existed and has been going on for decades now.
what a colorful festival! there are sexy girls dancing inside
@清風不識字 Very nice to hear! We are glad you enjoyed it :) <3
wonderful video
Melisa Teqja1 yr ago
fantastic festival! I want to dance in that parade
@TheLegend27 thanks! that was Catain Gatsby first time taking the camera out. I alsothought the footage came out pretty good for his first event filming. I will look back at the file and check out the sound. I appreciate the heads up 😉
TheLegend271 yr ago
nice work! just saying the audio might need to be improved a bit though, the buzz sounds kinda uncomfy