This is the house of my family since 1631 in Corfu - Giannades. It has been renovated, once in 1826 by my great-great grand father and for second time in 1974 by my father. but now it is not inhabitable any more. It's called the house of ATHHANOS from the nickname for centuries of the family chief, which means in Greek "immortal". So at the moment I am the last ATHANOS. In this house there had been gathered and kept, all these years, 850 old documents of great value from the Venetian and English occupation of the island. Even aJudgment of the Supreme Court of Venice on a case between my old relative GEORGE LEFTHERIOTIS versus GEORGE VASILAKIS, signed by the last Doge of Venice LUDOVIC MANIN in 97/09/1791. I have donated all these documents, to be preserved in time, to the Historical Archives of Corfu where everybody can visit and check them. I also have made a book including all of them, which I have uploaded on the web and can be read even downloaded by anyone.
As far as it concerns the house itself I'm going the make it a sort of museum or a place for Chamber Music Events or what else. I'm open in ideas..
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