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Such a nice day at the forest, we decided to hang out together in our Treehouse. We're happy you're joining us. Let's just enjoy each others company, the birds, the bubbles Aphque is blowing and the silence. Tess decides to paint her toenails, a shimmery blue and green.

Can you see the bubbles fly over your head and out the 'window'? Did you spot the crow or the Dutch trains? 

Please relax and hang out with us. 

Let us know what you think of the video and what you'd like to see.

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Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart!

ASMRtists1 yr ago
Hey Sweeties @kawaii kitty @Rabia Shahnawaz yeah, we love to be so close to nature. This treehouse seems like a perfect way to be IN nature, but still shielded from rain or too much wind. More vid's are coming, thanks for hanging out in the park with us!
kawaii kitty1 yr ago
It's nice to go out and get in touch with nature. Two little sisters are really cute.
This tree house is really rough but it's better to get closer to nature.