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The film tells the story of a dysfunctional family dealing with the death of their pater families and his unusual dying wish to have his ashes blown up.

The viewer experiences the film from the perspective of Grandpa's urn, allowing a passive view of the tensions within the family which become increasingly apparent as the story unfolds. Furthermore, there is a surreal play on the layers of reality which are revealed when the set changes in real-time around the viewer and shamelessly exposes the crew behind the scenes as well as the actors out of character. An additional unique component is the moving camera, which was placed on a remote-controller dolly track. This allowed for seamless set changes, given that the entire 10-minute film was shot in one take. The unusual fellowship of three directors; one film, one theater and one VR specialised, creates a unique interplay between the three niches, which is evident from the set design, use of space and camera work. Ultimately, the collaboration of these niche directors as well as the expertise of all the partners involved allowed us to push the boundaries of cinematic VR and create an entirely new experience for the medium.

Won Gold at the Dutch VR Awards, and is nominated for a Gouden Kalf. 
Austechvr3 mons ago
Amazing, loved it! More please!
Lily Fischer1 yr ago
The idea is really really cool ! You got a unique perspective to death.
This movie is very good, thank you for sharing.
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The actors are really good-looking. The little girl is so cute.
wow! It really means rich. That's cool.