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Arvana on Ruong Shi: Lucid Dreamscape of the Week!
This one took me two weeks instead of one, and I hope it's worth the extra effort! Arvana is on a mission on Ruong Shi, a planet of precious mystery and ancient wonder. My inspiration for this look comes from Heavy Metal magazine artists such as Moebius and Richard Corben. I had the good fortune of meeting Corben once, and of working with Moebius on a project -- even visiting his home! Arvana is my homage to Moebius's Arzach and Malvina. She's a spiritual goddaughter of those characters -- and perhaps their biological daughter? I may develop her further, as part of a larger #scifi project.

The voxel landscape is #procedural #generative, using Voxeland in #unity3D. I performed the flight and rendered the scene from Unity. The additional models came through #blender. The scene runs in #realtime, though I've increased the landscape distance and other details for the render.
J-Walt6 mons ago
@Lorenza Kemmer The planet is Ruong Shi. Our moon doesn't look like that!
Artistic creation needs inspiration,
Lorenza Kemmer6 mons ago
Is this another planet? A place similar to the earth.
Urban Metz6 mons ago
To my amazing video, you are a genius.
Isaias Rau6 mons ago
In fact, your video is a bit of a shock to me, your efforts are rewarding.
雲仔-琪云6 mons ago