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The Art Lot in Decatur Georgia is a new pop up artist location. There are interactive games all around, you can write on the walks with chalk which has been gifted by fellow artists. All of the walls you see are built from pallets and simply painted white. This is a brilliant use of an abandoned lot!
We appreciate the support from all of you! Thanks for helping the VR world to grow :)

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To see more watch tomorrow as we show you what Free Art Friday is about in our weekly Treasure Hunt Tuesday releases. 
Image gallery:

Enjoy in a 360 moment of sitting at this wonderful community art park! 

Thanks for watching!
Stephanie Marlo & Team
man that's awesome! I appreciate you telling me. It put a big 😃 on my face. Over these next couple of weeks we will be releasing some really neat content that we have been working hard on.
Buhbye1 yr ago
Very nice!!! My colleague is here in indy for meetings and has seen your work all over #dop #truth