Tram line 2 which, besides the Parliament, runs past the famous Chain Bridge, the Vigadó Concert Hall and many other city sights of Budapest.

In the summertime, historic trams aged more than 100 operate on this route delighting tourists and locals alike. Tram line 2 was even chosen in 2012 as one of the 10 most beautiful tram lines in the world.

This square at the beginning of the 18th century, this area was a bumpy landfill then after 1896 the square got its prestigious status through the construction of the Parliament building.

During the years, the square boasted many statues  and it was named after the statue of Hungarian statesman Lajos Kossuth whose statue is still standing here.

The square had been a busy transport hub for decades until in 2014 it was opened to pedestrians and cyclists. 

Not only the square, but also the Parliament has been renovated in the past few years, however both still preserve the memories of Hungary's stormy history: bullet holes are still visible around one of the windows of Parliament.

Opposite, on the walls of the Ministry of Agriculture, metal bullets show the place of the original ones, 
in memory of the victims of “Bloody Thursday” during the Revolution of 1956.

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Lavern Mohr2 yrs ago
wow,you are cute,the city doesnt move by itself ,right?:) @Szidor N. Gábor
@Lavern Mohr That's right, and it's still there ;)
Lavern Mohr2 yrs ago
i know Budapest was in the middle of Europe?i am not sure