The movie is of a Kinder Egg, which was non-destructively imaged with a ZEISS CT scanner. InViewR allows exploration deep inside the structure to allow you to look at all the different layers. The foil wrapper can be seen, followed by the chocolate egg, then the plastic capsule containing the toy, and finally the toy man with all his pieces waiting to be put together.

Non-destructive imaging is great for quality control, and when accompanied by arivis InViewR, allows for the exploration and analysis of materials for defects without destroying the object that was imaged.

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contact: immersive@arivis.com

For 360 Viewing without VR Hardware
This is a 360° video of actual VR rendered sample data to display on your computer or mobile phone. Notice that while the video is playing on YouTube website that your mouse becomes a hand while over the image. Press and hold the left mouse button and you can rotate the image any direction, 360 degrees, to look around you as you travel along the flight path!

For Mobile

The experience is even more impressive while watching the video on the YouTube App on your mobile device (tablet, phone). The application makes your mobile device the center of the image and uses the built in gyroscopes. Move your mobile device around your body to see the data surrounding you!

Alice Yang2 yrs ago
Kinder egg?