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ANIMA is intended to be the first Spanish VR series that tells the story of Alma, a girl who dies in a rave party but wakes up as a ghost who looks for answers and her revenge.
This is the demo episode of the future series, produced by crowdfunding with a little more of 2000 euro budget.
- WINNERS of Best Fiction VR/360º short film and Best Fiction VR/360º actress (Duna Santos) awards at Cinema 360º Contest (2017) http://cinema360contest.wixsite.com/cinema360/palmares
- WINNER of Gold Award at Directors Awards Film Festival (2016) http://directorsawards.org/winners.htm
- WINNER of the Award of Merit at Depth of Field International Film Festival under 'Webisode (Pilot)' category http://dofiff.com/Pages/Winners_Fall_2016.html
- WINNER of the Award of Recognition under 'Experimental' category at Best Shorts Competition (September '16): http://bestshorts.net/past-winners/award-of-recognition-sept-2016/
- WINNER of the Award of Recognition under 'Experimental' category at The Accolade Global Film Competition (May '16): http://accoladecompetition.org/past-winners/awards-of-recognition-may-2016/
- Nominated for 'Best Expérimental Short' at Paris Play Film Festival (March '16) under 'Talents' category: http://parisonlinefilmfestival.com/project/anima/
- Selected on June '16 under 'Experimental' category at 12 Months Film Festival http://12mff.com/movie/anima/
- Semifinalist at Los Angeles Cinefest (June'16) on 'Web Episode' category
- Selected under 'Web Series' category at Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival
- Exhibited out of contest at Webfest Berlin 2016
- Selected at Screen4All 360º Film Festival: http://www.screen4all.com/en/360-film-festival-en.html#selection
- Exhibited out of contest at official expo of the 27th Horror and Fantasy Film Festival of Donostia-San Sebastián: http://www.terrorvr.tv/single-post/2016/10/24/PRESENTACI%C3%93N-TERROR-VR

Hope you enjoy it!

+ info (in Spanish): http://transreal360.com/anima
Daniel Dou1 mon ago
Thank you all for receiving more than 120000 views! You're great!!
amir h1 yr ago
Great work !! Love your series, especially the bedroom part...
Kelvin Bokoe2 yrs ago
wow !!!
i hope i can do it,but... @Daniel Dou
Daniel Dou2 yrs ago
Thanks for watching... Almost 100k views!! Do anybody want to translate it into chinese?
Deepak Thaapa2 yrs ago
good morning
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