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ANIMA is intended to be the first Spanish VR 360º video series that tells the story of Alma, a girl who dies in a rave party but wakes up as a ghost who looks for answers and her revenge.
This is the pilot episode of the future series, produced by crowdfunding with a little more of 2000 euro budget.
- WINNERS of Best Fiction VR/360º short film and Best Fiction VR/360º actress (Duna Santos) awards at Cinema 360º Contest (2017) http://cinema360contest.wixsite.com/cinema360/palmares
- WINNER of Gold Award at Directors Awards Film Festival (2016) http://directorsawards.org/winners.htm
- WINNER of the Award of Merit at Depth of Field International Film Festival under 'Webisode (Pilot)' category http://dofiff.com/Pages/Winners_Fall_2016.html
- WINNER of the Award of Recognition under 'Experimental' category at Best Shorts Competition (September '16): http://bestshorts.net/past-winners/award-of-recognition-sept-2016/
- WINNER of the Award of Recognition under 'Experimental' category at The Accolade Global Film Competition (May '16): http://accoladecompetition.org/past-winners/awards-of-recognition-may-2016/
- Nominated for 'Best Expérimental Short' at Paris Play Film Festival (March '16) under 'Talents' category: http://parisonlinefilmfestival.com/project/anima/
- Selected on June '16 under 'Experimental' category at 12 Months Film Festival http://12mff.com/movie/anima/
- Semifinalist at Los Angeles Cinefest (June'16) on 'Web Episode' category
- Selected under 'Web Series' category at Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival
- Exhibited out of contest at Webfest Berlin 2016
- Selected at Screen4All 360º Film Festival: http://www.screen4all.com/en/360-film-festival-en.html#selection
- Exhibited out of contest at official expo of the 27th Horror and Fantasy Film Festival of Donostia-San Sebastián: http://www.terrorvr.tv/single-post/2016/10/24/PRESENTACI%C3%93N-TERROR-VR

Hope you enjoy it!

+ info (in Spanish): http://transreal360.com/anima
amir h1 yr ago
Great work !! Love your series, especially the bedroom part...
Kelvin Bokoe1 yr ago
wow !!!
i hope i can do it,but... @Daniel Dou
Daniel Dou1 yr ago
Thanks for watching... Almost 100k views!! Do anybody want to translate it into chinese?
good morning
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