In Japan's city of Kawasaki, just outside the Tokyo Prefecture in the Kanagawa Prefecture there is a place called Anata No Warehouse, an arcade themed as a part of Hong Kong's long lost Kowloon, The Walled City, but also much more than that with a Greek fountain and lounge like theming on the top floor. The arcade is 3 stories, so large they call it an Amusement Park Warehouse. The construction of the themed portions were done with months of online research, recreating scenes from Kowloon and they even imported junk from Hong Kong to make it that much more authentic. There are more than one of these locations, but I believe this is the largest and only one with themed after Kowloon, The Walled City. You can find more information on their locations here: https://www.warehousenet.jp/store/

In this video we talk a walkthrough most of the building in 360 video filmed with the Go Pro Fusion camera. The low light filming of the 360 camera isn't as good as daylight, but compared to other mainstream 360 cameras it appears to handle pretty well.
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