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In this 360° video you will visit the vibrant Ambon island in Maluku, Indonesia. Tucked away far in the east of Indonesia, Ambon Island lies on the north side of the Banda Sea, part of a chain of volcanic islands, off the southwest coast of the larger Seram island. Today, Ambon is the Capital of the Maluku Islands (aka the Moluccas).

Watch traders carefully dusting off the dirt collected between the spikes of durian fruit, or better yet, how they use a machete the pry it open and extract the white flesh. Bargain for a piece of fresh-caught fish at the fishmonger, or try the local delicacy of sundried fish. Buy a dragon fruit, a papaya and enjoy it later with a sprinkle of lime. Tucked inside the smaller streets, you will find stalls selling clothing including pieces made from traditional batik. Shot with Ricoh Theta
This kind of market gives people a very friendly feeling, you don't need to go into the shop at all, because the goods are around you.
Perry Thiel7 mons ago
There is no need to add filters to the whole picture, everything is just the right collocation, and nature is the greatest artist.