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It was a great day today, so I decided to take a 360 video of the Ambition Masterpiece! Just looking at it from a picture doesn't do it justice because it doesn't give you a real sense of how high the Ambition Masterpeice landscape is and how many layers it has. So I hope you enjoy this virtual tour of the Ambition Masterpiece! If there's something else you'd like me to record, please comment below and check out our website!


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Great video, keep it up!
Albert1 yr ago
@Reuben Klocko MD I'm glad you like it! I hope you can come and experience it in person as well! One of the good things about Wolmyeongdong is that you don't have to come during events or busy times to get a good experience. It's amazing enough even if you are strolling through to enjoy the landscapes and trails!
this place is really nice...make me feel quite peace!!