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3D 360 ambisonics audio music video for 'The Journey' by Pete Simcoe. Ambisonic audio mix. Written, recorded and produced by Peter Simcoe with HumanEyes VR Studio, RealSpace 3D Cinema, Premier Pro and After Effects. 3D effects by Mettle Flux https://www.mettle.com/product/flux/. Thanks to Birgir Fannar Guðmundsson for additional organ and video performance.

Video production and editing by Pete Simcoe, Simcoemedia – http://www.simcoe.co.uk    
Recorded way up in the atmosphere with a Vuze+ camera ;)
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© Peter Simcoe, Simcoemedia. All Rights Reserved 2018.

http://bit.ly/journey-3D (3D ambisonics YouTube version)
http://bit.ly/journey-stereo (3D stereo version)
http://bit.ly/journey-ambi (ambisonics audio wav file)