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CITYSCAPE is a VR musical experience created by Occurrent Arts for AMAN AMUN's QUALIA using Unity3D.  You can find a 2D version of this video streaming on YouTube here:

If you're curious about how this was made, check out my behind-the-scenes video here:

What do you say when you're soul demands a break?
You don't have to stand when your heart tells you to move.
Where you gonna turn when the world around you spins?
To the horizon.

Discover @amanamun:

Special thanks to torshev, Blaze Bateh, Sydney Batten, Sam Baumel, and The McGaw family for all the feedback and advice.  Additional thanks to Unity3D + the Asset Store, Adobe CC, and the internet community for providing the inspiration and support.

Occurrent Arts is an experiential media production company.  Get in touch with us if you want to sponsor a work:
amanamun5 mons ago
@mic key thank you mic! AMAN and AMUN are two different names for an Egyptian god, often translated as The Hidden One. 'A MAN' represents the conscious & material parts of the self like the body, while AMUN represents the unconscious and spiritual elements. this project is very much about reconciling these two forces and revealing the hidden parts of the self. i originally heard the lead melody for this song in a dream and made a deliberate effort to represent it externally here : )
mic key5 mons ago
the name of your band is strange but the music is nice
nice music! it is a great idea to create music with 3d technology
Lisette Ventura5 mons ago