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Alzheimer's Disease 

In a virtual reality, 360 video experience, viewers will journey inside the brain exploring the latest scientific theories on the changes in the brain that are believed to contribute to the development of Alzheimer's disease. Viewers will watch CG-based recreations of healthy nerve cells and learn how plaques and tangles develop in the brain, impeding healthy brain function and how scientists believe this contribute to Alzheimer's disease.

For the best viewing experience please use a Google Cardboard and enable your Wi-Fi and set the quality settings to 4K – 2160s

Also available on Samsung Gear in the MilkVR app.
Desktop version is only viewable on a Google Chrome browser.

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Shouto Todoroki7 mons ago
Wow, that's really true. And animation is more acceptable.
Teresa Simmons7 mons ago
The brain is like this. I really know a lot.
Raegan Bechtelar10 mons ago
hope we can find a cure for this disease someday
退休小青年10 mons ago
wowo beautiful
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