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Adyar Tholkappia Poonga - Eco Park 360 VR Experience | Chase360

Chase360 presents you the first 360 VR view of Adyar Eco Park also known as Tholkappiar Poonga(in tamil). Enjoy :)

For the best view watch in 1080p or 4k video quality.

Watch the immersive 360 degree video in a Headset for the best experience.

You can also watch the 360 photo of it: http://chase360.in/gallery360/chennai/adyar-eco-park

Chase360 is a platform of Virtual Reality for capturing and distributing them and create 360 degree films for weddings, events, tourism, sports, adventure, advertisements, experiential marketing, real estate, fiction and lots more.
We can make do more it seems to be.

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Every landscape has its own characteristics. That's fascinating.
金田賢一1 yr ago
Does echo park really have an echo? Sounds interesting.