As the holidays are coming, Christmas light trams have appeared on several tram lines in Budapest.  

Christmas trams operate after dark according to their own schedule, each day on a specified route, including the riversides of Pest and Buda.

These wagons (decorated with festive lights and other small ornaments) are also unique in itselves, because these more than fifty years old Ganz UV-type vehicles are no longer appear in the regular traffic. We can only see them as nostalgic trams in the streets of Budapest.

On the outside surface we find 3,500 meters of light chain, with white and blue LEDs, illuminating the vehicles, while inside the cabin there are also various festive decorations, including window paintings, Christmas tree ornaments on the ceiling, and garlands on the handrails.

Interesting fact that this extra illumination costs only around thirty cents per a day for the Centre for Budapest Transport. In return, we get a real holiday experience whether we are a passenger or just watching these small illuminated trams from the streets. 

We can travel on them with normal tickets and passes, without extra charge, until the 7th of January.

Video created  by: Gábor Szidor N.

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