The new Acropolis Museum is one of the best in the world !
This is the first 360 spherical video of the Museum in Super HD 4K quality.
The full 360 all around view, will make you feel your walking at the new Acropolis Museum, relaxing and impressive too ! 
Watch this sphere video in full screen or through your VR Headset glasses to feel Acropolis Museum in virtual reality and walk step-by-step like being there for real. The best and most comfortable way for this, is to sit on a swiveling chair so you can twist around with no effort and enjoy all details surrounding you!
Have a good time making your first visit or remembering your unforgettable moments at the Museum of the Acropolis of Athens walking step by step, through the original statues of Caryatids and the marbles of Parthenon !
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