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Use your VR Headsets  to enjoy these 110 HD Spherical Panoramas, my 3 years intensive work on the Acropolis of Athens project ! Take your time to walk around through all the great monuments, Propylaea, Parthenon, Erechtheion, the Caryatids, the Odeon of the Herodes Attikus and so many other hidden places and details you can discover on the Sacred Hill on which, 2.5 thousand years ago, the Western Civilization began ! 
For the soundtrack of this video, I chose hundreds of music phrases from mankind's music heritage, to show exactly this connection between the Acropolis and the our to-day world of technical progress, spiritual and cultural evolution, Democracy as a way of living and immense possibilities opening before us ..
Enjoy !
Marios Leftheriotis
(all images are subject to copyright on my name)

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i always wonder how ancient people move those giant rocks
MySTeRy.1 yr ago
you took a lot of photos!all.of them are incredible😄😄😄
Acropolis of Athens
hope we can finish this project as soon as possible!
Luj1 yr ago
what's that place??it's like ancient buildings.👀