In this 360 VR experience you will get to tour the Atlanta Prison Farm. Filled with art and a decaying old facility this building builds intrigue around every corner.

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Shelby of Shelby spirit talks on YouTube and I took a day trip to the Atlanta prison farm this past weekend. Her channel covers talks and questions of the spirit realm and universal energies. 

In part 1 of the prison farm we used the ghost rader app which didn’t really do much but was still worth the try. You can decide for yourself if any energies are trying to contact us. We received a few words with the tracker. Shelby also used spirit box lite app in Pt. 2.

You will see the 2nd level of this old and burned american prison facility. Now a playground for those who explore. Part 2 contains motocross bikers and the 1st level of the prison.

We will be creating more content together!
I know the sound is super noisy, sorry about that. 

Shelby Spirit Talks: https://www.youtube.com/user/Loveatlast232

Of course, thanks for watching!
Stephanie Marlo 
Our Atlanta - Artist.Life.Vision Photography
@Emile Baumbach if you are an urban explorer...it means fun ☺
the word "abandoned " always refer to someplace horrible