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The Karersee (Italian: Lago di Carezza; German: Karersee) is a lake in the Dolomites in South Tyrol, Italy and one of the most popular lakes on Instagram and travel websites. I wanted to check it out again (after being there as a child) and you guessed it - there are plenty of people.

It’s a nice lake, with great color, but don’t expect too much. If it is part of an itinerary/round trip through the dolomites, make a stop - otherwise you can skip it … on the other side, skipping a drive through the dolomites is not an option 😉 

To get a decent parking spot in the parking lot you want to be there really early (parking on the street is not possible). Forget the travel times your Google Maps tells you, this are mountain streets, it will take you 2x as much time - if there is no traffic.
dat boi1 yr ago
@Shädōw Dêmøm No, of course not. I will gain great peace from the nature.
DemonSuit1 yr ago
The environment is beautiful and the scenery is pleasant
Imagine if you are alone in this landscape, will it be a little scary?
くん虫1 yr ago
The scenery is really like a picture
kicia kacia1 yr ago
I have a chance to come and play here
The lake is like a gigantic Emerald
There are a lot of people in this scenic spot