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A-Ma Belief and Customs is one of the intangible cultural heritage gems of Macau. As Macau is a former fishing port, many fishermen prayed for A-Ma’s (also known as Tin Hau) blessing and safety on their fishing vessels against unstable weather. On A-Ma’s birthday (19/4) the community and visitors can witness these in front of A-Ma Temple. Lion Dance, Traditional Rituals and other Celebration Activities as well as Cantonese Opera performances. Amidst the sound of drums and gongs, the Goddess is invited to watch these Chinese operas – an event known as ‘A-Ma watching the operas’ – signifying that the entertainment is for the Goddess, as well as for the people. Following the operas, the Goddess is escorted back to the Temple in a show of respect and honour. People pray to her for safety at sea and on land, for a prosperous business and for the protection of their children. The Celebration Activities is held from 17-21/4 in fornt of A-Ma Temple) 

Recorded on 17th Apr, 2017
Mathias Deuli7 mons ago
Nawapa hai sana
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Sally Carter7 mons ago
Thank you for such an elaboration, I really appreciate it! @Beautiful Macau 360
@Sally Carter In Chinese Culture, there are five directions of the compass; north, south, east, west, and the middle, each with a symbolic color. Yellow signifies the middle. Therefore yellow is the noble color. In the past, only the king and god statue can use yellow. Yellow represent power, wealth, long life.
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this is beutiful
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It doesn't look like anything but people standing around and watching a group of people carrying a fake dragon but walking around. Oh and the fake lions. You sure your Goddess would like it?
Oleta Dicki8 mons ago
Found the poor old Chinese guy lost half of his face hahaha, gotta stitch better next time
Sally Carter8 mons ago
Why do Chinese people love the yellow color so much?
@DreamTravel Thanks for watching ! i use 6 GoPro Cameras