A-Ma Belief and Customs is one of the intangible cultural heritage gems of Macau. As Macau is a former fishing port, many fishermen prayed for A-Ma’s (also known as Tin Hau) blessing and safety on their fishing vessels against unstable weather. On A-Ma’s birthday (19/4) the community and visitors can witness these in front of A-Ma Temple. Lion Dance, Traditional Rituals and other Celebration Activities as well as Cantonese Opera performances. Amidst the sound of drums and gongs, the Goddess is invited to watch these Chinese operas – an event known as ‘A-Ma watching the operas’ – signifying that the entertainment is for the Goddess, as well as for the people. Following the operas, the Goddess is escorted back to the Temple in a show of respect and honour. People pray to her for safety at sea and on land, for a prosperous business and for the protection of their children. The Celebration Activities is held from 17-21/4 in fornt of A-Ma Temple) 

Recorded on 17th Apr, 2017
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