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The team at Artist Life Vision was brought in to one of the largest manufacturing facilities, here in Georgia, to create an awesome uplifting 360 video. This was such a neat experience!
Let us know your thoughts...
Does this footage prompt you to want to know more about being a Machine Tech?
Are you as impressed as we were by the efficiency?
Did you know the manufacturing industry is in dire need for technicians?


Thanks for watching!
Artist Life Vision & Team
Matteo Keeling7 mons ago
High tech stuff always make me feel like an alien 馃懡 they are awesome
@Artist Life Vision VR If so, I really wish I could be there.
@Alfredo Ratke it was so impressive to see live in action! This was my first trip through a plant like this.
Alfredo Ratke9 mons ago
This factory is really cool, and almost all of it is the work of the machine.