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3 days build + 3 days editing, finally a #minecraft360degrees video named Self-Sustaining tower, my home. Its not as nice as the others like the Medieval Castle and the other houses but you get the picture.

Videos related to the Minecraft Map:
1) Town Settlement Time Lapse Video (Day 0 - 277):

2) Town Settlement Time Lapse 2 (Day 277 - 977):

3) The Medieval Castle (constructed by Shawn):

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The Nightly Gamers buddies:
BuzzingBilly aka Antiretardedism
Supp Brahs aka Wayne
Jack Sim aka Yi Shan/DCST

I'm using a standard texture pack by John Smith Legacy Texture Pack. Please support and donate to him. Thank you.

Using the Replay Mod by @CrushedPixel and Johni0702. Download it here:

Note: This video has been migrated from the original youtube channel jace888 to streamline things =D

EzaOne - Supernova (Agrofox)

Meizong - Conundrum (Agrofox)

Render - Prism (Agrofox)

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0: